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Misfits Market launches supply chain solution for perishable brands

Misfits Market
Misfits Market delivers groceries to every zip code in the continental U.S.

Direct-to-consumer grocer Misfits Market has launched a new end-to-end fulfillment solution for brands on its platform.

Fulfilled by Misfits (FBM) is a dedicated service for perishable brands to store, pick, pack, fulfill and deliver their products nationwide via Misfits Market’s logistics platform. Misfits Market says that FBM will help perishable businesses reach profitability by scaling faster via more cost-effective, reliable and robust solutions for storage, fulfillment and e-commerce.

 It added that the new system differs from other perishable fulfillment solutions in that it does not offer customization to small, emerging brands.

“At Misfits Market, we’re always looking for ways to reimagine the food system and eradicate food waste by finding value in places others don’t look,” said Abhi Ramesh, founder and CEO of Misfits Market. "Fulfilled by Misfits is an emerging B2B offering that expands on our mission by helping consumer brands rapidly achieve a level of efficiency, cost savings, and scale that would otherwise be out of reach.”

Misfits Market will leverage a robust supply chain, including its national scale, five state-of-the-art temperature-controlled facilities, comprehensive warehouse management system (WMS), internal delivery network, and relationships with legacy 3PLs to offer best-in-class middle- and last-mile rates while increasing cold chain efficiency. FBM is currently being used by Spot & Tango, Cometeer and Little Spoon.

FBM services include:

  • Pallet receipt and storage
  • Pick and pack operations for order fulfillment
  • A fully built out tech-forward WMS and customizable programming that helps determine the amount of coolant needed per order
  • 1PL and 3PL shipping: Full-service logistics offering including fully tracked first, middle and last mile utilizing Misfits Market's first-party delivery network or one of its last-mile shipping partners across the country

Founded in 2018, Misfits Market delivers groceries to every zip code in the continental U.S.

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