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McDonald's celebrates workforce with new initiatives

The new "1 in 8" program honors the current and former McDonald's workforce.
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A large number of Americans have worked at or currently work at McDonald’s, according to new data from the fast food giant itself.

One in eight Americans have worked or work at McDonald’s, which the company cites as a milestone for its diverse workforce. To celebrate the new figure, McDonald’s is launching a new “1 in 8” initiative, which will offer current and former employees unique programming, such as opportunities to attend exclusive events, mentorships with notable McDonald’s alumni who've gone on to make an impact in their respective fields, reunions with former team members and more.

"For one in eight Americans, the McDonald's restaurant experience offers critical life skills and creates opportunities for meaningful work and connections," said Tiffanie Boyd, senior vice president & chief people officer at McDonald's. "Formally bringing this group together will give past and present crew members alike the chance to continue growing, building their networks and celebrating the special community they represent."

McDonald's 1 in 8 initiative
McDonald's has launched a new "1 in 8" initiative to honor its workforce

To celebrate the new initiative, McDonald's is releasing a limited-edition letterman jacket designed by McDonald's alum and founder of lifestyle brand Robotic Minds Concept, Kendall Hurns. Jackets go on sale on Monday, Oct. 16 at 10 a.m. ET at, while supplies last. 

McDonald's is also honoring its workforce with its first-ever Homecoming celebration in New York City on Oct. 11. During the event, current crew and 1 in 8 alumni had the chance to connect to share personal stories and career advice. In attendance were a handful of well-known 1 in 8ers, including New York Times Best Selling Author and Peloton Instructor Cody Rigsby, Michelin-star restaurant chef Harold Villarosa, TV host, actress and entrepreneur Alejandra Espinoza, creative entrepreneur Kendall Hurns, and McDonald's franchise owner, Paul Hendel – who started as a crew member when he was 16 years old and now owns 31 restaurants. 

The event also brought the Homecoming spirit with the Brooklyn United marching band, exclusive gear and a friendly competition to see which alumni could build a Big Mac the fastest.

"Reflecting back on my beginnings as a McDonald's restaurant employee 38 years ago, I'm proud to be a part of an organization that roots for and supports its people," said Myra Doria, U.S. national field president at McDonald's. "It's special to have experienced first-hand the doors that the Golden Arches can open for a person."

McDonald's approximately 13,500. restaurants across the United States.

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