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Target gets a viral boost as superstar pops in

The Twitter universe was set abuzz when the nation's reigning music "queen" stopped in to do some shopping.

Beyoncé, accompanied by her daughter Blue Ivy and her mother Tina Knowles, was spotted pushing a carriage as she shopped Target's store in San Clemete, Calif. Queen B's visit didn't cause a frenzy inside the store and she was left alone to shop in relative peace. But she was caught on camera by fellow shoppers, and the video quickly went viral.

Twitter lit up with reactions that ran the gamut from from shock and awe to the satirical and humorous.

"They would've found my body laid out on aisle 7," one fan tweeted after seeing the video.

Another person tweeted: "My two favorite things: Target and Beyoncé."

And another: "Beyoncé Shops at Target; In Other News, I Now Live at Target."
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