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New competitor giving Walmart a run for the money on price

Despite only launching in the United States this year, German discount grocer Lidl is already taking Walmart on in price.

In a price comparison test conducted by Kantar Retail, Lidl posted lower prices than Walmart on eight of 25 (32%) items. The analysis compared pricing between Lidl and Walmart on 25 branded SKUS and 15 private label SKUs across edible, non-edible and health and beauty categories. Overall, the difference between baskets was a mere 37 cents.

The price gap between Lidl and Walmart widened substantially when Kantar Retail compared only the private label items. Lidl’s private label basket was priced 23% less than Walmart’s, with no comparable private labels cheaper at Walmart.

Although Walmart achieved price parity on most items in the branded basket, the retailers had equivalent pricing on only two private label SKUs (bananas and whole milk). Lidl posted a double-digit percentage price advantage over Walmart on 73% of items in the basket (11 of 15 items), with prices ranging from 10% to 57% cheaper than Walmart.

Additional findings from the Kantar Retail’s Breakthrough Insights study can be found here.

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