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JLL names new chief procurement officer

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Michael Raphael JLL
Michael Raphael has been with JLL for 13 years.

Real estate management and investment firm JLL has promoted one of its longtime employees to the role of chief procurement officer.

Michael Raphael, a 13-year veteran of JLL, has been promoted to the C-suite role from his spot as global head of sourcing solutions, development & mobilization. Effective April 1, Raphael will manage JLL's own corporate indirect spend and the procurement of goods and services on behalf of JLL’s 500-plus clients across 80 countries.

In the role, Raphael will also oversee JLL's commitment to reducing carbon emissions on properties it owns and/or manages. This includes having consistent policies and governance that determine how JLL engages with suppliers globally and that ensure compliance and alignment with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles.

"As a member of the Sourcing & Procurement leadership team, Michael has built strong relationships with our suppliers and external partners," said Neil Murray, CEO of JLL Work Dynamics. "Sourcing & Procurement is at the heart of JLL's sustainability program, and we recognize that a significant portion of our overall impact stems from our supply chain. Michael is dedicated to maintaining a sustainable global supply chain and ensuring that all our purchases make a positive contribution to the communities we serve."

Currently based in Chicago, Raphael spent time in Asia in a variety of roles, including chief procurement officer in the Asia-Pacific region, where he led a team of 226 procurement professionals in 14 countries. He also managed the Vendor Service Centre in Manila that supported JLL globally in areas such as contract management, supplier performance management, electronic RFP creation and procurement reporting.

"Driving savings and delivering value for our clients is the main priority for our business, and we accomplish a significant portion of that through sourcing and procurement activities," said Raphael. "One of our core responsibilities is achieving JLL's sustainability goal of achieving net zero by 2040. JLL has prioritized responsible procurement practices through sourcing ethical and sustainable products for us and our clients and through supporting and developing supplier partners throughout the world."

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