Instacart adds new batch-related features for shoppers

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Instacart has added new features to its platform for shoppers.

Delivery platform Instacart has updated its batch management and selection process in an effort to improve the app for its shoppers.

Instacart has made it easier for shoppers with the launch of a new batch access summary. Now, a shopper can easily check the status of your device and account directly in the Shopper app for important factors like GPS signal, internet connection, customer rating, retailer access, Cart Star status and eligibility for specialty batches like those that contain alcohol or bulky items.

Instacart also added two additional features that give shoppers expanded information when choosing orders:

  • Hiding batches: When shoppers don’t want to choose a certain batch, they have the ability to remove it from your batch acceptance screen with a simple swipe. Hiding batches has no impact on their ability to accept other batches. The batch will be shown to you again if the pay increases, and they will always be able to return to the batch and accept it if they change their mind.
  • Hiding stores with less demand: Shoppers can now customize their in-app map to hide stores that are unlikely to have batches within the next 30 minutes. This helps shoppers prioritize moving to stores where they are more likely to see available batches sooner. Even though stores with less demand are hidden from the map, they will still be able to see batches from those stores if batches become available.

“We want to support shoppers by removing as much guesswork from the shopping experience as possible,” said John Adams, VP of product at Instacart. “These new features are intended to give shoppers a better understanding of what impacts their access to batches, as well as tools to help them customize their experience and make the most informed decisions when earning on the platform.”

Instacart delivers from more than 80,000 stores across more than 14,000 cities in North America.

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