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How Walmart+ and Amazon Prime members compare and contrast

Walmart+ members spend 76% more than the average Walmart shopper.

New data details the differences between Amazon Prime and Walmart+ subscribers.

Walmart+ members tend to have lower incomes than Amazon Prime members, as well as larger households with children, according to a new report from Numerator.

Walmart+ membership is also more prevalent among Black consumers and in rural areas. Members predominantly live in regions where Walmart holds strong physical roots, notably the South Atlantic, West South Central, and East South Central divisions of the U.S., while members of Amazon Prime are evenly distributed across regions and urban cities.

Amazon Prime members outspend the average Amazon shopper by 12% annually, and Walmart+ members spend 76% more than the average Walmart shopper – 31% more in-store and 206% more at Over 80% of known Walmart+ members also have a Prime membership. 

Numerator found that retailer memberships result in a higher share of wallet at their respective retailers, though this is more prominent with Walmart+ memberships than Amazon Prime memberships. Walmart+ members spend 26% of their dollars at Walmart and 12% at Amazon, compared to Amazon Prime members who spend 15% at Walmart and 13% at Amazon. Former Walmart+ members showed a shift toward Amazon in the past year, while members of both Walmart+ and Amazon Prime shifted spending toward

Walmart+ members spend over a third (38%) of their dollars on CPG categories like grocery, pet and baby at Walmart, nearly two times higher than the average Walmart shopper. Walmart+ members are also four times more likely to have used Walmart’s grocery delivery services in the past year (81% vs. 20% of all Walmart shoppers), suggesting this is one of the main draws to a Walmart+ membership.

Although Amazon maintains a stronghold as the top online retailer in the country, Walmart+ members are more likely than Prime Members to make weekly online purchases, buy in bulk online, or use subscription or auto-replenishment services.

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