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How to Consistently and Quickly Deploy New Technology at Every Store

The key to successful, enterprise-wide retail IT deployments

If you’re responsible for technology at hundreds or thousands of retail locations, then you know what a massive undertaking it is to keep that technology current and consistent across all your properties. In fact, it might seem impossible, especially considering that 70% of digital transformation projects fail. 1

As enterprises move rapidly toward digital transformation and buildings become ever more connected, there is a growing list of technology to manage — point-of-sale kiosks, smart signage, smart lighting, security cameras, parking lot sensors, and smart tagging. In a distributed retail enterprise, these items must be duplicated and deployed consistently in every store. Plus, there needs to be sufficient wireless connectivity to support users and the IoT devices and systems.

Repeatable, uniform, timely deployment is critical for growing retailers — whether you’re updating existing stores or scaling up to add new ones. Consistency makes for easier data integration, maintenance, employee training, and budgeting across locations. It also reinforces the brand, helps employees provide better customer service, and creates customer loyalty.

For these reasons, many IT professionals at retail businesses turn to a global solution integrator to help them with their global, multisite deployments. The integrator expertly handles the complex process of quickly and efficiently implementing new technology at every retail location throughout the world in a consistently successful way.

At the basic level, this means getting services and materials where they need to go and completing deliverables at the right locations at the right times. An experienced partner with a global presence has the resources and skills to help you achieve successful, multisite technology implementations in a way that in-house IT teams — especially those in dispersed enterprises with little or no remote IT staff — cannot. Read more about overcoming these challenges in our Global Multisite Deployment Guide.

When you work with a single, trusted global solution integrator, you eliminate the many problems associated working with multiple vendors, in multiple locations, and, unfortunately, getting multiple results. You also eliminate the most common challenges IT pros face when trying to ensure timely, standardized technology across retail locations: insufficient resources, security/privacy concerns, speed and timeliness of deployment, system integration, and legacy technology. Finally, you get project management, arguably the most important piece of the puzzle, for completing a rollout on time and on budget. 

A global, multisite solution integrator will work to ensure that you can consistently deploy the connected-building technology needed to support IoT devices and systems at all your retail locations. Because of the inextricable connection between IoT and the customer experience, the network infrastructure that makes IoT possible is vitally important.

A solid infrastructure supports all those “smart things” leading to a simpler, safer, and more pleasant in-store experience that makes shoppers want to linger. That same solid infrastructure also enables customers to have the seamless retail interactions in-store and online. Customers can start shopping in the store and later finish shopping online (or vice versa.)

A trusted global solution integrator can successfully deploy technology and IoT across existing retail stores as well as implement the same technology in new brick-and-mortar locations. That includes pop-up stores, which are now big business for the world’s largest retailers. The shops might be temporary, but they have the same technology needs as any other retail location.

With technology continually evolving, change is inevitable. Business and worldwide disruptions, such as COVID, forced retailers to make rapid changes such as curbside capabilities and touchless experiences. What’s even more important for large, dispersed retailers, is the ability to update the technology at all locations consistently, quickly, and simultaneously. Doing so without an expert in your corner can be losing battle.

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