H&M unveils ‘Chapter Two’ of its experimental Brooklyn store

H&M Williamsburg is dedicated to the retailer’s athletic brand,  H&M Move.
H&M Williamsburg is dedicated to the retailer’s athletic brand, H&M Move.

H&M has opened the next phrase of  its “rotating style” store.

Located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York, the 7,000-plus sq. ft. store is designed to be updated with new fashions, visuals, programming and neighborhood partners throughout the year. It opened in November, with its first “chapter” focused on H&M’s holiday campaign.  The location will  be open through January 2024.

H&M has now opened the store’s second chapter, which is dedicated to its athletic brand,  H&M Move. The space has transformed into a kinetic, tactile playground showcasing the new collection and celebrating the different ways individuals move in unexpected and playful ways.

At the heart of the store is “Move Studio,”  an experimental space that H&M said “blurs the lines of what a typical studio can be. “It is outfitted with chromotherapy lighting to evoke a soothing sensation.  Classes will be offered daily inside the studio from  January 19  through February 22.

The studio also brings together Brooklyn-based community partners aligned with the brand values of H&M Move, which encourages movement for “Every Body.”  These include:

•Good Move: Good Move dance is designed to take the intimidation out of dance and fitness and help patrons find joy, freedom, empowerment and community through physical expression;

•One Grind House: As one of the premier fitness facilities in New York City, Grind House offers an environment where patrons go to challenge themselves —  to push or be pushed;

•Modo Yoga NYC: Accessible, conscious Yoga community; and

• YO BK: An empowering female-owned Hot Yoga and Pilates studio with locations in Williamsburg and Greenpoint , New York, and Miami

H&M Williamsburg will offer one free fitness class daily.

"H&M Move aims to democratize movement, making it fun, inclusive, and stylish — exactly what the latest chapter of H&M Williamsburg is all about," said  Linda Li, head of customer activation & marketing for H&M Americas. "We're inviting Every Body to come together to celebrate movement at H&M Williamsburg with a playful and unexpected experience in our new neighborhood.”

H&M Williamsburg features the latest in retail technology for an easy shopping experience. The use of RFID gives store employees full visibility of inventory and size options in real time. 

Along with the option for mobile payment from anywhere in the store, the store offers smart mirrors in the fitting rooms that identify customers' products, including the size and color, and provide personalized product or styling recommendations.