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High-end food hall arrives at San Francisco’s ‘Meeting Place’

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Saluhall food hall
Saluhall (Swedish for “sales hall”) features five independent local restaurants, with capacity for 450 seats. Image courtesy of Ingka Centres.

Ingka Centres, Ikea’s real estate development unit, has announced the opening of a 23,000 sq.-ft. food hall that will serve as the centerpiece of its Ikea-anchored “Meeting Place” on Market Street in downtown San Francisco.

Saluhall (Swedish for “sales hall”) features five independent local restaurants, with capacity for 450 seats. The space features lively bars, an in-house bakery restaurant, vegan burger bar and soft-serve station. The hall will be operated by Kerb, a London-based food service developer, and will focus on “making plant-forward, community-centered, and sustainable food” available to city residents and Ikea shoppers.

Ingka Centres acquired 945 Market Street in September 2020, and has since transformed the former 6x6 mall into a shopping destination anchored by a new format Ikea opened last August. The gross leasable area of the meeting place is approximately 256,000-sq.-ft. with Saluhall complemented by Ingka Centres’ Hej!Workshop with Industrious.

“With its Swedish roots and Scandinavian-inspired flair, Saluhall stands as a celebration of local heroes and a hub of cultural connection and togetherness,” said Ingka managing director Cindy Andersen. “We believe in the potential of this district to be a center of community, culture, and sustainability. Saluhall represents our vision to revitalize urban spaces, creating environments where people connect, businesses thrive, and the city’s spirit shines.”

Smörgåsland, the in-house bakery restaurant, has been developed for Saluhall and Ingka Centres by Claus Meyer & Ko. Meyer, a well-known Danish chef and entrepreneur, will introduce Scandinavian-inspired, plant-forward dishes that are predominantly seasonally and locally sourced. Meyer has also lent his expertise to the Cooking Skola which offers cooking lessons and demonstrations to inspire a love of plant-forward cuisine from around the world. cuisine from around the world.

Each of the five local vendors at Saluhall, as described by Ingka, brings a unique spin on plant-forward and more sustainable food options:

  • La Venganza: This Oakland favorite uses innovative techniques to create vegan versions of popular Mexican dishes (winning ‘Best Los Angeles Tacos’ at the Taco Madness contest over 32 non-vegan competitors.)
  • Casa Boriqueña: From empanadas to skewers, rice plates, and desserts, Chef Lulu takes pride in her 100% plant-based menu.
  • Curry Up Now: First to wrap an Indian curry in a burrito, Curry Up Now has been spreading spice across San Francisco since Akash and his wife, Rana, founded the company back in 2009. Expect Punjabi burritos, deconstructed samosas, epic vada pavs, and more.
  • Momo Noodle: Inspired by childhood memories of Bàn Miàn spicy noodles for breakfast and a deep-rooted passion for Szechuan cuisine, June and Anna will be serving up steaming hot noodles at Saluhall.
  • Kayma: Husband and wife duo Mounir and Wafa are bringing a taste of Algerian hospitality to Saluhall. At Kayma, they serve Algerian dishes like Coca (a puff pastry pie stuffed with vegetables), and their well-known Lion’s Mane Mushroom “Steak.”

Ingka Centres operates 38 malls and shopping centers in Europe, India, and China.

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