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Gopuff debuts 'Powered by Gopuff' platform for CPG brands

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Powered by Gopuff
The Powered by Gopuff platform will offer a suite of solutions that help brands deliver from their owned-and-operated direct-to-consumer (DTC) websites.

Gopuff is launching a new platform to allow brands to fulfill e-commerce orders on their own websites.

The Powered by Gopuff platform will offer a suite of solutions that help brands deliver from their owned-and-operated direct-to-consumer (DTC) websites in as fast as 15 minutes leveraging Gopuff’s logistics network, instant fulfillment infrastructure and technology. CPG brands can leverage online ads and marketing to drive sales from their own websites, bringing them more control over the customer experience and access to first-party data.

“We’ve spent the last ten years building and scaling our own hyper-local logistics network and operations to consistently meet customer demands for fast, affordable, and reliable delivery,” said Daniel Folkman, senior VP of business at Gopuff. “As a result of this work, we've established ourselves as the face of Instant Commerce. Now, with the launch of Powered by Gopuff, we're also becoming the fabric of Instant Commerce by extending our proprietary fulfillment and logistics capabilities beyond the Gopuff app for the first time."

Gopuff has launched its first solution under the “Powered by” umbrella. Storefronts Powered by Gopuff is a customizable Shopify theme integrated with Gopuff's APIs. With Storefronts, brands can launch their own white-labeled DTC site in a matter of days. Orders placed on a partner's Storefront are automatically routed to the nearest Gopuff micro-fulfillment center, where they're picked, packed, and delivered to customers in as fast as 15 minutes.

For the past six months, Gopuff has tested Storefronts with more than 20 CPG brands, including Ben & Jerry’s, Unilever, Mondelēz International, Nestlé, The J.M. Smucker Company, Haleon and The Ferrara Candy Company. Storefronts are available to all brands currently on the platform.

Benefits of Storefronts include the following benefits, as described by Gopuff:

  • Customize the Shopify theme to match their brand image, messaging and color palette.

  • Offer delivery of their products in as fast as 15 minutes, leveraging Gopuff’s local teams, existing inventory and operations, which serve customers in more than 1,000 U.S. cities. Gopuff handles everything from inventory management and replenishment to live customer support.

  • Maintain ownership of customer relationships and enable access to critical first-party data to power future growth.

  • Connect their Shopify Storefront Powered by Gopuff to their marketing channels to drive instant product sales, all within a closed-loop measurement solution.

  • Collapse the funnel, taking consumers from product discovery to consumption in minutes.

  • Build, manage and grow their own DTC sales channel.

“Nobody wants the responsibility of getting a pint of Ben & Jerry’s from a nearby store to their couch. Not even us. That last mile delivery is complicated!” said Jay Tandan, global head of digital marketing at Ben & Jerry’s. “Storefronts Powered by Gopuff solves that struggle for us and for Ben & Jerry’s fans across the country. Their micro-fulfillment centers provide a quick and easy way to get Ben & Jerry’s euphoria right to your door in a flash.”

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