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First Look: Haagen-Dazs’s new shop design

Al Urbanski
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A bold new color scheme brightens up Haagen-Dazs’s new shop design, something one might naturally expect from an artist named Jade Purple Brown.

The Brooklyn-based artist designed the ice cream-themed murals that are part of the refreshed Haagen-Dazs that debuted this week in Walnut Creek, Calif., near Haagen-Dazs headquarters. Also dashed with color and ice cream ingredients is a new tapestry wallpaper and 3D-printed vanilla flower, strawberry, and caramel art pieces on store shelves.

The new shops were inspired by the company’s #ThatsDazs campaign, according to the company’s marketing director Rachel Jaiven.

“We’re proud to spotlight artists and creators like Jade, who embody the pioneering spirit of our founders,” Jaiven said.

The new look, said a company press release, was inspired by the company’s founders who emigrated to the Bronx from Poland and created a “luxury” ice cream packed with top-grade ingredients for all to enjoy.

The new look will now be rolled out to Haagen-Dazs locations nationwide.

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