Staples to introduce its own coworking concept

Staples and Workbar are going their separate ways.

The retailer and the coworking company announced they will both continue to provide coworking services, but separately and with distinct offerings. Staples will introduce a new coworking concept, called Staples Studio, focused on the needs of small business customers.

The new offering will make its debut in the chain’s home state of Massachusetts, in Staples’ stores in Brighton, Danvers and Norwood, the same locations where Workbar had established its coworking outposts some two years ago. Current Workbar members at the three stores will be able to remain at those physical locations, utilizing Staples’ new coworking space, or transfer to a nearby Workbar standalone facility. (Workbar will continue to grow its footprint through stand-alone locations of 5,000 sq. ft. or more.)

"The coworking program from Workbar that we made available to Staples customers in-store provided good learnings for both of our organizations, as well as a differentiated solution for businesses,” said Staples chief merchandising officer, Peter Scala. “We look forward to building upon our current platform by integrating coworking into a broader range of small business service offerings, including onsite legal, marketing and human resources consultation, among other features.”

Staples and Workbar’s Danvers location will begin transition on April 30, 2019, re-opening on May 3, 2019, as Staples Studio. Staples and Workbar anticipate that the existing coworking facilities in the Brighton and Norwood Staples stores will begin transition on May 31, 2019, re-opening on June 3, 2019, as Staples Studio.