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Mitsubishi Electric Solutions Spotlight


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VRF and Ductless Product Family Brochure
At Mitsubishi Electric, we design innovative comfort solutions that finally solve this age-old problem. Our systems are built to provide complete control of the temperature in any workplace or home. No matter what time of year, no matter what part of the country, a room with a Mitsubishi Electric system will always be the exact temperature you desire. What’s more, our unique INVERTER-driven compressor technology makes our systems dramatically more energy efficient than traditional HVAC options.

CITY MULTI Product Catalog 

CITY MULTI is the first two-pipe, simultaneous cooling and heating system available in the United States and around the world. Our technology has a long and proven track record of quality and reliability. Mitsubishi Electric, an acknowledged global industry leader, has installed CITY MULTI zoning systems in buildings throughout Asia, Europe, and other countries for nearly 30 years with great success and customer satisfaction.



Union Mill Case Study
Mitsubishi Electric indoor units provide cooling and heating to the office space portion of Union Mill. The VRF zoning systems can easily accommodate spaces with a wide variety of load requirements, making them ideal choices for mixed-use applications like Union Mill.

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