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Drugstore chain launches same-day prescription deliveries in New York City

CVS Pharmacy is stepping up its home delivery game.

The drugstore chain will be getting prescriptions and a curated selection of over-the-counter products into customers hands even faster through a same-day delivery service. The program is set to kick off in New York’s borough of Manhattan on Dec. 4, a move that will deliver prescriptions to customers within hours. All merchandise will be delivered in secure tamper-proof packaging, according to CVS.

The drugstore chain will also offer same-day delivery in select cities, including Miami, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and San Francisco, in early 2018.

CVS is also launching a next-day delivery service. The program, which will fulfill orders from CVS Pharmacy locations, will launch nationwide in early 2018, the company reported.

The announcements come on the heels of the company’s third quarter earnings, as well as increasing speculation that CVS Health is in talks to acquire insurance giant Aetna. On Friday, Reuters reported that the two companies are working towards finalizing a deal for more than $70 billion that could be announced as early as December.

Both services augment CVS’ existing delivery programs. Through its partnership with Instacart, customers can order merchandise, including healthy food choices, beauty products and over-the-counter medications, and have them delivered. CVS plans to expand the service, and reach 50% of U.S. households by year end, according to the company.

The drugstore chain also features CVS Curbside, a service that allows customers to shop online or via the CVS app, and pick up merchandise at the store in an hour. When shoppers pull up to a dedicated parking spot, a CVS employee will bring the order directly to their car. The program is active in locations nationwide, according to CVS.


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