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CSA Webinar: Solutions for Touchless, Hygienic Restrooms


As facility professionals are all too aware, restroom patrons and maintenance professionals alike often encounter a wide range of surfaces that require their touch—door handles, stall latches, toilet seats, sink faucet handles and more. In today’s climate, the number of these touchpoints is top-of-mind, as is the restroom’s overall cleanliness. To a customer, paper towels littered on the floor or clogging the toilets signal an unclean establishment. To an employee, they present a less than hygienic work environment.

Good product design can achieve a touchpoint reduction, cut down on the time required to complete restroom deep cleaning, a reality of our collective “new normal,” and contribute to a restroom’s overall good hygiene. Understanding the product options available and weighing the pros and cons of each will allow business leaders to make informed decisions for successful and safe re-openings that are cost effective and sustainable.  

We will cover:

  • Advice from leading health experts
  • Restroom product considerations
  • Hear first-hand from the owner of a multi-restaurant chain about the advantages of incorporating touchless hand drying solutions in the restroom
  • Actionable reopening recommendations 
  • Case study: Real-world example of a touch-free restroom

View on-demand here.

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