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CCI Kenya – a BPO provider with a focus on ESG and sustainability

Sustainable practices of CCI Kenya & CCI Global call centers.

CCI Kenya is part of the wider CCI Global delivery network, providing the leading business process outsourcing (BPO) services for international companies looking to outsource parts of their customer delivery process (such as call centres, lead management, and administration processes) cost-competitively oversees. While CCI Global started life in CCI South Africa, since 2016, one of its fastest growing call centre hubs has been Kenya.

Passionate about leaving the right footprint on Kenya, CCI Kenya is fully aligned with the Government's Kenya Vision 2030, which aims to ensure Kenya is front and centre as a rapidly industrialising nation that offers citizens a secure quality of life. In this article we explore with them how they are taking a solid approach to ESG and sustainability.

A global delivery network with a local approach

CCI Kenya offers its clients international outsourcing services for their customer delivery process (outsourcing parts of your customer service functions) including call centres, exceptional digital customer management strategies, and customer management services (such as billing inquiries).

Following the pattern set by CCI Global, the Kenya call center is constantly evolving in order to sustain specialist capabilities for domestic and international clients.

As well as being committed to deliver excellent customer service, CCI Kenya is focused on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles. Along with the wider CCI Global Group, CCI Kenya believes that sustainability and ESG are vitally important in developing a global delivery network that not only drives growth in Africa and offers outsourced excellent customer service, but also works towards a positive environment.

Delivering digital customer management strategies and a comprehensive ESG policy

CCI Kenya's business process outsourcing (BPO) approach is to ensure that digital customer management strategies, customer management services, consumer sales, and all outsourcing services work in tandem with their ESG policy.

As part of an ongoing transition to underpin commitment to ESG, the company is implementing and integrating best practice across the board. The following principles are particularly important for the new state of the art contact centre that is now nearing completion in Tatu City.

CCI Kenya's flagship contact centre building is purpose designed for the company to sustain specialist capabilities in international outsourcing, and to support the fast-paced commercial environment of the BPO centre.

Under development right now by Gateway Real Estate Africa (GREA), the new building is five storeys high and includes a career centre to welcome and onboard new employees as well as state of the art training facilities.

The CCI Kenya business process outsourcing (BPO) contact centre represents exactly why the CCI Group is disrupting the African BPO landscape at every level.

Proving its world class solutions for the outsourcing industry, the company is looking to transform Kenya for its employees, for other businesses, and in ways that show the commitment and focus the organization has for ESG processes.

CCI Kenya Call Center and ESG Focus

Demonstrating not only a deep understanding of the BPO sector, the CCI Group also shows that the way to derive true value for companies, sectors and Africa is to integrate highly effective ESG principles across the board.

Since CCI Kenya launched in 2016, it has grown rapidly to become the leading outsourcing business in the country. It represents the best possible solution for businesses as far afield as Australia, the UK and the US to benefit from long term partnerships that offer cost effective services (operational costs for customer queries) for your target domestic customer base.

In line with the wider organization, CCI Kenya Call Center adheres to the following:

  • New BPO facilities, such as the new contact centre that is current under construction specifically for CCI Kenya employees, are designed under Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification standards.
  • The optimization of electricity and water usage - it's also a no brainer that future operations will all focus on transitioning to clean energy in the process of telecommunications support.
  • Driving social change in local communities through investment into employees and local labour markets.
  • Training, recruiting and implementing initiatives for employees that focus on inclusivity and diversity.
  • Implementing compliance training on impact sourcing to drive positive change.

The design of the new Kenya business process outsourcing office

ESG is interwoven into the design and fabric of the new contact centre, which is specifically designed as the best possible for a business process outsourcing (BPO) centre.

As well as catering for a fast-paced commercial environment, the contact centre is designed to minimise its environmental footprint - another demonstration of the way in which CCI Kenya is disrupting and improving the African BPO landscape.

These range in the new CCI Call Center from solar panels and a self shading façade to the following:

  • Filter façade system.
  • Hybrid vehicle parking.
  • Waste recycling.
  • Indoor vegetation.
  • Energy efficient lighting.
  • Water efficient sanitary ware.
  • Rainwater collection.
  • Natural ventilation (preventing overheating naturally associated with contact centers, call centers and high numbers of customer calls).

CCI Kenya and ESG considerations for its people

While CCI Kenya is, of course, focused on consumer sales, perfecting its outsourcing services and working to the best of its collective ability to work with BPO partners and leading brands, but underpinning this is its people. The company knows that its people are the most important assets it has.

To this end, the company is committed to only implementing the kinds of business practices that respect personal dignity and privacy rights for every single member of staff. 

Fair and equal employment opportunities

CCI Kenya underlines this commitment with aims to improve the local community through the provision of jobs that equip young people with essential skills, that are flexible and hybrid, that offer reskilling and upskilling for future career development and that provide learnership programmes to everyone.

In order to reduce unemployment in Kenya's districts and provide modern English-speaking jobs to youth and women in the East African powerhouse, they have developed an operating model that integrates with CareerBox Kenya (based in Nairobi). CareerBox has enabled CCI Kenya to recruit 93% of its customer service agents directly from CareerBox. Additionally, CareerBox candidates have accounted for 98.5% of internal promotions for CCI Kenya center agent roles. In CCI Kenya, 76% of contact center staff previously came from households with incomes below minimum wages.


Healthcare of Employees

The company has also worked to develop community. A lump of revenue is used for CCI Care project that support employees internally and externally within their communities. These include:

  • Advancing education in Africa by working with facilities to build libraries and classrooms.
  • Donating books and technology to support education (not just latest tools to deliver consumer sales)
  • Providing preventative healthcare through the provision of the onsite health centre for the talent pool, with dentistry, GP and nursing on hand.
  • Encouraging employees to volunteer for organised community projects.
    About CCI Kenya

    Exemplary digital customer management services make the company successful. A lot of the success of CCI Kenya has been down to its business process outsourcing strategy for the customer life cycle, that offers everything from consumer sales to digital customer management services for international clients across multiple sectors, including mobile technology, leisure sectors and for many leading brands.

    For more on CCI Kenya, click here to visit CCI (Call Center International) for outsourcing services in Africa and the Middle East.