CBL intros online access to entire retail inventory at two malls

Al Urbanski
Chattanooga's Hamilton Place is one of two malls debuting CBL's "Inventory Insider."

Visitors at two Tennessee malls will have an easier time finding exactly what they’re looking for on their visits.

At Nashville’s CoolSprings Galleria and Chattanooga’s Hamilton Place, CBL Properties has launched “Inventory Insider,” an AI-influenced technology that can be used by mall visitors to quickly track down the locations of highly specific items such as asymmetrical women’s tops or two-terabyte hard drives.

Adeptmind’s system uses advanced analytics to monitor an individual customer’s search behavior to anticipate needs and intentions, creating the opportunity for additional purchases. If shoppers are not exactly sure of the specific name of a product they need, they can type in what it is they’re looking for and Adeptmind will narrow the selection down to specific items in specific store locations.

“The way people shop has changed significantly over the last several years with advanced research on local product availability being a key part of the shopping experience,” noted CBL’s CEO Stephen Lebovitz. “Inventory Insider enables us to add this capability to our websites and gives our customers a seamless way to browse the entire mall online.”

Dallas-based Centennial introduced a similar Adeptmind search program called Shop Now in 2022, the same year that Simon Properties debuted Simon Search at its outlet properties.

Adeptmind is staffed by the team behind Maluuba, a Canadian artificial intelligence and language understanding company  that developed the artificial intelligence behind the voice assistants for Blackberry, LG, Samsung, and Tesla. Maluuba was acquired by Microsoft in 2017.

“Adeptmind will boost the online visibility of these two properties, making retailer products easily discoverable for their customer base, which positively impacts the consumer experience,” said G Wu, co-founder and CEO of Adeptmind. “The Adeptmind team is very enthusiastic about supporting the dynamic properties of CBL, specifically Hamilton Place and CoolSprings Galleria, where we will enhance these properties with a more robust online presence.”

Inventory Insider leverages Adeptmind’s technology to give shoppers online access to all the products carried by each local retailer in one centralized location on the mall’s website. Inventory Insider is currently accessible from each property’s website through a new “Products” tab.

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