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Business License Compliance: What a Retailer Should Know in 2022

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The world of business license compliance changes frequently as municipalities from coast to coast create new ordinances, update existing laws, and enforce rules at their own discretion. There are tens of thousands of such local municipalities and special purpose districts, many of them creating special headaches for tax, legal, and compliance departments in the retail space. In order to keep their stores and restaurants out of trouble, these professionals should stay up-to-date on the latest strategies amongst their peers.
In this webinar, Chain Store Age and Avalara will review the results of a recent survey of retailers to better understand how they perceive the contemporary state of business license compliance. Guided by business license experts, attendees will gain a better sense of:

  • The biggest license compliance challenges facing retailers today
  • how much to prioritize license compliance operations,
  • how many resources to invest in getting it right,
  • how to quantify the costs and risks of non-compliance,
  • how to assess tools to streamline their process,
  • and more.


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