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Why it's Time to Update Your Pricing Playbook

As the industry continues to face market disruption, driven by economic uncertainty and shifting consumer behaviors, retailers can no longer afford to use the same-old pricing practices. 

In this report, we will analyze outdated and ineffective pricing practices and share how they limit retailers’ ability to compete in a fast-changing environment. 

A few examples of dated pricing practices that we will analyze in this report, include:

Broad price-matching: unfocused competitive price-matching is a race to the bottom

Cost-plus pricing: this dated pricing practice leads to lost revenue and alienated shoppers

Infrequent KVI updates: identifying your KVIs should not be a one and done event

Gut-feel pricing: running promotions and markdowns based on assumptions and gut feel

One-size-fits-all pricing: rolling out broad-based pricing across all stores is a losing strategy

And more…

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