American Dream’s latest new attraction: Paradox Museum

Al Urbanski
Real Estate Editor & Manager
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paradox museum
Paradox Museum joins a long list of attractions at Triple Five's New Jersey center.

Is the newly announced museum at Triple Five’s American Dream an actual attraction or just an absurd self-contradiction?

It’s both, actually. Yes, it will occupy an 11,000-sq.-ft. space inside the massive center in New Jersey, but self-contradictory situations will define both its contents and its name—Paradox Museum. When it opens later this year, guests will be able to experience more than 70 “mind-twisting and eye-tricking” exhibits as well as learn about the fascinating science that underlies paradoxes.

“We offer an experience that will open up new perspectives and touch the hearts and minds of those who wish to truly challenge their senses,” said Paradox Museums CEO Harris Douros. “We have a unique opportunity here at American Dream to engage guests through interactive exhibits and moments of thrilling discovery.”

Paradox Museum joins a long list of attractions at the center that—aside from its theme parks and indoor ski slope--include Sea Life Aquarium, The Game Room Powered by Hasbro, and Skip Barber Racing Go-Kart Academy.