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27% of U.S. shopping centers are found in California, Texas, and Florida

Al Urbanski
Westfield Century City in Los Angeles is one of California's highest grossing retail centers.

There are 115,049 shopping centers in the United States and 27% of them can be found in its three most populous states: California, Texas, and Florida. 

California has the most with 15,285, followed by Texas’s 12,834 and Florida’s 10,843, according to CoStar data presented in the International Council of Shopping Center’s annual State Statistics report.

The next most populous states, New York and Pennsylvania, are not counted among the next four most-retailed states of Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, and North Carolina. All four of those states contain more than four thousand malls, power centers, strip malls, neighborhood centers, and mixed-use properties.

At the bottom of the list, with fewer than 200 centers each, were Alaska (133), Montana (129), South Dakota (113), Vermont (105), North Dakota (100), District of Columbia (72), and Wyoming (71).

Shopping centers across the U.S. collected a total of $332 billion in taxes in 2020, a list again headed by California, Texas, and Florida, where retailers turned over $98 billion of their take to the government.

Tax payments remained in the millions of dollars, meanwhile, in Hawaii, North Dakota, District of Columbia, Vermont, and Wyoming. In the tax-free states of Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon, of course, they remained at zero.

States can count on higher retail tax tallies this year, however.  Last week, the National Retail Federation revised its retail sales forecast for 2021, predicting it will rise between 10.5 % to 13% percent to $4.44 trillion. 

States with the most shopping centers
California - 15,285
Texas - 12,834
Florida - 10,843
Georgia - 4,701
Illinois - 4,470
Ohio - 4,402
North Carolina - 4,132
Michigan - 3,853
New York - 3,524
Pennsylvania - 2,914

States paying the most sales tax in 2020
(in millions)

California - $41,924
Texas - $32,130
Florida - $24,176
Illinois - $15,432
Pennsylvania - $14,759
Ohio - $14,552
New York - $13,638
Michigan - $11,606
New Jersey - $10,942
Tennessee - $9,453

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