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Google provides virtual try-on with generative AI

Google virtual try-on
Google is using generative AI to help apparel shoppers (Source: Google)

Google is expanding its generative AI-based shopping experience to include virtual try-on for apparel.

The tech giant, which began integrating new generative AI functionality into its search engine in May 2023, is now showing shoppers clothes on a selection of real models, with new filters helping them find what they’re looking for. Based on machine learning (ML), generative AI can create new content and ideas, including conversations, stories, images, videos, and music.

How Google virtual try-on for apparel works

Google’s generative AI model can take one clothing image and accurately reflect how it would drape, fold, cling, stretch and form wrinkles and shadows on a diverse set of real models in various poses. The company selected people ranging in sizes XXS-4XL, representing different skin tones, body shapes, ethnicities and hair types.

Starting Wednesday, June 14, 2023, U.S. consumers can virtually try on women’s tops from brands including Anthropologie, Everlane, H&M and Loft. Google users can tap products with the “Try On” badge in search and select the model that resembles them most closely.

Google plans to use its Shopping Graph, a real-time, AI-based dataset of products, inventory and retailers with more than 35 billion listings, to scale its virtual apparel try-on technology to more brands and items over time. Men’s tops will launch later this year.

In addition, generative AI-based guided refinements can help U.S. shoppers fine-tune products. Leveraging machine learning and new visual matching algorithms, shoppers can refine product searches using inputs like color, style and pattern, with options from stores across the web. This feature, available for tops to start, is located within product listings.

“We believe that  AI will continue to improve our lives in ways big and small, including making everyday activities like shopping just a bit more helpful and fun,” Lilian Rincon, senior director of product, shopping for Google, said in a corporate blog post.Stay tuned for more ways we’re using advanced technology like AI to help you shop online with confidence.”

Google piloting AI-powered shopping searches

In a recently launched test, Google is integrating new generative AI functionality into its search engine. This means consumers will be able to conduct online searches by asking conversational questions.

Context will be carried over from question to question, to help consumers more naturally continue their search. Search results will also provide jumping-off points to web content and different perspectives.

For shopping-related searches, generative AI will provide a variety of factors to consider and relevant products. Results will also include product descriptions that include up-to-date reviews, ratings, prices and product images.

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