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Study: How common is BOPIS?

The ability to buy a product online and pick it up in store may be less prevalent than popularly believed.

According to the Omni-2000 study of 753 US retailers from order management software provider OrderDynamics, only 27.5% of respondents currently offer their customers a buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) option. Interestingly, a notably larger percentage of respondents (42%) offer buy-online-return-in-store (BORIS) functionality. Only 0.4% charge a restocking fee for returned items.

Most (86%) respondents offer e-commerce, while 34% offer basic stock visibility. More than six in 10 (63%) retailers offer some form of free shipping, including 6.5% who offer free shipping as a limited-time offer promotion.

The study also examined US retailers’ mobile and social capabilities. About three-quarters (74%) of respondents offer mobile-respondent websites, which allow consumers to browse products and categories and make purchases via mobile device. But only 9% offer mobile-optimized sites specifically designed for mobile shopping and checkout. Yet OrderDynamics analysis indicates 57% of US smartphone owners make multiple monthly purchases with their device.

About nine in 10 (89.5%) respondents have a presence on Instagram. Only 20% allow shoppers to place orders directly from Instagram.
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