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CSA Webinar: The Power of Personalization on the Customer Experience for a Competitive Edge

Personalization is quickly becoming the #1 priority for retailers and for a very good reason: Customers have come to expect and quite frankly, demand, a more personalized shopping experience now more than ever.

From Search to Sold: Digital Transformation Strategies for Brick-and-Mortar Retail

VIEW ON DEMAND A lot has changed for brick-and-mortar retail this year. Due to social distancing, multi-location retailers have been forced to undergo digital transformation overnight in order to stay connected with customers.

VIEW ON DEMAND A 25-year veteran in facilities management and construction leadership, Rob shares the strategies he and his colleagues have used during COVID-19 to contain costs, manage risk, and keep doing more with less. Technology-driven changes begun over a year ago are paying dividends now.

VIEW ON DEMAND As retailers deal with the unexpected loss in revenue due to COVID-19, the bottom line — and FM budgets — are coming under close scrutiny.

VIEW ON DEMAND This isn’t the new normal, it’s the interim normal according to leading digital anthropologist and best-selling author Brian Solis.

VIEW ON DEMAND From new layouts to low-touch display innovations, reconfiguring stores for the well-being of customers and associates is a top priority in the post-pandemic world.

VIEW ON DEMAND Since COVID-19, people around the world are exploring new ways to have more contact-free experiences.

VIEW ON DEMAND Moderator Dan Berthiaume, of Chain Store Age, hosts this one-of-a-kind, comprehensive look at retailing in 2020 and beyond, as America re-opens in the wake of COVID’s first wave.

As retailers adjust and plan short-term modifications to make their stores safe for employees and customers alike, Chain Store Age and Sevan Multi-Site Solutions present the webinar, “Beyond COVID-19 – Plan Your Reopening Program Now,” on Friday, May 29th at 2pm ET.

This 45-minute online presentation will feature expert discussion and analysis on the crucial items retailers need to place and cross off on their COVID-19 checklists.

Do you have the tools you need to set your business, and the people on your frontlines, up for success, no matter what events come your way?

Join Steve Kramer, CEO of WorkJam, for a webinar on Tuesday, May 19 at 3 p.m. ET to learn how leading retailers are preparing to reopen their stores as retail’s response to the pandemic moves into a critical phase.

VIEW ON DEMAND Retailers can learn how to leverage leading-edge technology to safely and securely operate their stores during the COVID-19 pandemic — with long-term ROI — at the Chain Store Age Webinar,  "Minding the Store:  Ensuring Secure Brick-and-Mortar Operations During the COVID-1

VIEW ON DEMAND This 30-minute live online presentation will feature expert insight and analysis of how retailers can leverage digital technology and strategy to meet the challenges of COVID-19.

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In this on-demand webinar, FitForCommerce CEO, Bernardine Wu, and Oracle Commerce Senior Director of Product Strategy, Jerry Kelley, explore why many B2C and B2B organizations struggle to define and deliver the optimal digital customer experience.

Your network connection is more than just a means of connecting your point of sale system – it’s a driving force of your online and in-store experiences. And when it’s not working, your revenues, customers and even your brand reputation suffer.

When it comes to using data and analytics to drive business results, where does the retail industry stand relative to other industries?

The market is looking to visionary retailers to see what key programs should be considered to exceed customer demands in 2018.
Should the focus be on same day delivery, personalized experiences, fast and error free returns or how the mix between digital and physical engagement will affect the b

The retail delivery market has undergone drastic changes over the past few years, with customers expecting seamless experiences and fast deliveries that arrive at the time and place that is most convenient for them. To address these challenges, retail chains must quickly achieve logistical excellence across their entire delivery ecosystem. The webinar will present the best practices retailers need to follow in order to reach this goal

Doug Stephens, founder of Retail Prophet, will share actionable insights on the realities facing retailers in the new era and the 5 biggest hurdles they'll have to overcome in order to truly reinvent their customer experience.

BRP and Logility review the latest Merchandise Planning market study, including how savvy retailers are leveraging merchandise planning and allocation initiatives and incorporating advanced retail analytics to better serve customers and gain market share.

Customer-generated content is so much more than collecting reviews and buyer photos. This webinar addresses the creative ways to engage a community of loyal customers by leveraging their own submitted content.

Referencing years of research, "The Innovation Paradigm" examines the surprising links between the world’s most innovative businesses and provides actionable ideas and steps to emulate their success. It’s an uplifting and mind-expanding peek into the realm of radical innovation and strategy.

With seemingly infinite buying options, today’s shoppers are in the driver’s seat. The most valuable thing retailers and brands can provide shoppers to turn them into loyal customers is access to insights, feedback, and images from other consumers like them. User-generated content is especially powerful in extending the experience customers have in store to online.