Trader Joe’s shares data on how many employees had COVID-19

Marianne Wilson

Trader Joe’s is sharing information about how many of its workers have had COVID-19.

The data comes amid recent newspaper articles about the number of positive COVID-19 cases among grocery store workers. 

“While we do not know the specific details of other grocers, we believe it is important to our crew members and customers to share and understand what has happened in our stores from the beginning of the pandemic through October 31, 2020,” Trader Joe’s stated in a release.

Out of Trader Joe’s 514 stores, 24% have had zero positive COVID-19 cases reported among store members. And 83% of stores have had zero to four cases.

The company said it has had a total of 1,250 positive cases reported during the past eight months. Out of 53,000 store members, this is a rate of approximately 2.4%. 

“We believe that the results in virtually all areas are below the average rates of positive cases in each community where we have stores,” the grocery retailer stated.

Of the workers who tested positive and completed a quarantine period, 95% have recovered and chosen to return to work. There have been two deaths in which COVID-19 was suspected to be a contributing factor.

Trader Joe's noted that it has developed, and continues to develop, procedures that meet or exceed CDC guidelines to safeguard the health and safety of its workers and customers (details are available at

"The health and safety practices and procedures that have been put in place, and that continually evolve, have been effective because of the great work done by our crew members in every store, every day, said Jon Basalone, president of stores. “We appreciate our crew members' diligence and our customers' patience as we work each day to make our stores safe for everyone.”

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