Study: Online shoppers want a personalized experience

Digital shoppers expect a personalized retail experience, a demand that’s forcing retailers to step up their engagement strategies for the holidays.

Specifically, 83% of customers expect a personalized retail experience — something that retailers should keep in mind with the holiday season mere weeks away from commencing, according to the “NectarOM Marketing Personalization Survey.”

According to the study, “personalized recommendations” and other digital technologies can more effectively guide customers toward making gift purchases this holiday season. A majority of retailers (88%) agree, adding that personalization is a top priority to meet evolving customer expectations.

This is good news for the 83% of customers who expect a personalized retail experience – in store, in app and long after they leave the store. However, only 44% of marketers have allocated sufficient budget and resources to implementing a personalized technology solution, according to the study.

Marketers are clearly still at the beginning of their personalization journey, as a mere 11% have fully implemented a technology solution. However, 33% are executing a proof of concept, and another 33% indicated personalization will be an initiative for 2018.

“The personalization expectations of customers continue to evolve,” said NectarOM CEO and founder, Amrit Kirpalani. “This survey reinforces that a personalized experience is essential to winning the hearts and minds of customers.”
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