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Malls in New York can reopen on Friday if their HVAC systems…

Shopping malls in most of New York State can reopen on Friday as long as they meet certain conditions, specifically enhanced air-conditioning filtration systems.

As part of New York’s Phase 4 reopening plans, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Wednesday that shopping malls in New York can reopen on Friday if they have updated HVAC filters to those with at least a MERV-11 rating to capture the potentially airborne coronavirus particles. (A MERV rating measures the strength of an air filter and is rated on a scale of 1 to 16.) Cuomo identified three filters as acceptable. Although he said MERV-13 is the most effective, MERV-12 or MERV-11 filters are acceptable in HVAC systems that are not compatible.

The reopening applies to every region of the state outside of New York City, which is still in Phase 3. 

The malls must also implement measures to improve ventilation, including increasing outdoor air flow, reducing air recirculation, running air systems for longer periods and checking on air filters frequently, 

The largest mall in New York State is Destiny USA in Syracuse. It meets the requirements that were laid by Cuomo and will reopen on Friday, reported

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