Amazon expanding grocery store footprint

Marianne Wilson
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Amazon is making more inroads into physical retail.

The online giant is planning to open cashier-less “Amazon Go” grocery stores in Redmond, Wash., and Washington D.C., as part of a wider grocery expansion, reported The Seattle Times.

The first Amazon Go grocery store opened in February, in Seattle. The store is modeled on — and uses the same technology as — Amazon Go but on a bigger scale. It features a larger footprint (10,400 sq. ft. overall, with 7,700 sq. ft. in front of house) compared to Amazon Go stores, which range from 450 sq. ft. to 2,700 sq. ft. front of house) and a much wider assortment of product, with about 5,000 unique items.

Amazon is also planning to open conventional grocery stores, in North Hollywood, Calif., and the Chicago suburbs Oak Lawn, Schaumburg and Naperville, according to the Seattle Times.

Earlier this year, Amazon opened two physical locations in California, in Woodland Hills and Irvine, which were expected to be the first stores its long-rumored chain of grocery stores. However, both locations are currently focused exclusively on fulfilling grocery delivery orders, which have surged during the COVID 19 pandemic.