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Three omnichannel steps to winning consumer hearts this Valentine’s Day

Omnichannel marketing platform Valassis has advice for retailers who don’t want to be lonely during the Valentine’s Day shopping season.

According to Valassis, retailers can employ the following three strategies across brick-and-mortar and digital channels to increase sales and brand loyalty for Valentine’s Day.

Integrate print and digital campaigns: Valassis data indicates 28% of consumers say receiving a print and digital ad encourages them to shop a new a store or website or one they don’t shop very often. To activate prospects, Valassis recommends that retailers hone in on consumers’ online behaviors, like abandoned shopping carts, and follow up with email and print offers to convert them. Based on Valassis research, nearly three out of four consumers indicate they can be swayed by advertised promotions and sales.

Offer relevant promotions/rewards: According to Valassis data, 73% of consumers say they feel more loyal to retailers who reward them with personalized discounts and special offers. Retailers should leverage data they have collected about consumer interests, locations and purchase habits to personalize promotions and rewards.

Optimize in-store experiences: Brick-and-mortar retailers are still a prime destination for consumers. Valassis research reveals 96% of consumers shop in-store for apparel, shoes and accessories. Retailers need to engage in-store shoppers at the right time and place by providing a unique shopping experience with specific calls to action.
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