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Survey: The most patriotic retail brands are…


Levi Straus is the second most patriotic brand in America. And Ralph Lauren isn't far behind.

That's according to the 15th annual Brand Keys survey of iconic American brands, which asked 4,860 consumers, balanced for age and political party affiliation, to evaluate which of 280 brands were most resonant as to ‘patriotism.’ Jeep took the top spot in the survey for the second consecutive year. (For complete listing of the 50 most patriotic brands, which includes several retailers, see end of article.)

"Politics has made itself more emotionally felt this year than ever, particularly when it comes to how consumers look at brands through a patriotic lens," said Robert Passikoff, founder and president of Brand Keys. "One thing marketers need to learn about 21st century brands is that the ones that can make a meaningful emotional connection with consumers always have a strategic advantage over competitors when it comes to the battle for the hearts, minds, and loyalty of consumers. Make that connection and consumers will not only stand up and salute, more importantly they’ll stand up and buy."

Consumers identified the brands listed below as leading the patriotism parade. Bolded names indicate the six new brands that marched into this year’s top 50.

1. Jeep

2. Levi Strauss

3. Disney

4. Coca-Cola

5. Ford

6. Hershey’s / Twitter

7. Ralph Lauren

8. Jack Daniels

9. Sam Adams


11. Starbucks

12. Harley Davidson

13. Airbnb

14. GE

15. Fox News

16. McDonald’s

17. Colgate / John Deere

18. Craftsmen Tools

19. AT&T / Coach

20. Gatorade

21. Walmart

22. American Express

23. Tesla

24. KFC / Marlboro

25. L.L. Bean /

26. Coors

27. Kellogg’s

28. Instagram

29. 49ers/Converse /Cowboys/Louisville Slugger /NFL/New Balance/Nike/Patriots MLB/NY Yankees/Wrangler/Wilson Sporting Goods

30. Apple /Amazon/ Facebook / Google
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