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Survey: How do consumers want to be recognized by retailers?

Consumers want retailers to track them, but not necessarily in the way retailers expect.

According to “Utilizing Communication Channels in Retail,” a survey of 5,000 consumers ages 15-54 from retail technology provider Fluent Commerce, 58% do not think it is helpful for retailers to track their location. However, 85% of respondents want retailers to recognize and pick up on their shopping habits to send them relevant incentives and coupons. Another 71% would be enticed to shop in-store if retailers recognized they were browsing online and sent them coupons to a nearby location.

Even among the 58% of respondents who specifically do not want their location tracked, 79% want their shopping habits tracked and recognized, followed up with relevant coupons. Sixty-four percent would visit a nearby store if retailers emailed them in-store-only coupons while they were browsing online.

Specifically analyzing the results of Gen Z consumers, the survey found 41% do not open retailer emails, but instead want them to communicate via social channels such as Instagram and Twitter. Out of all generations (Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen X), Gen Z are most likely to open a personalized retailer email. Eighty-four percent of Gen Z consumers would like retailers to message them each month to purchase a certain product after recognizing they consistently buy it.

Other notable findings include:

• A plurality of consumers (35%) check their email three times a day.
• 82% of consumers prefer retailers to communicate via email, rather than text or social media.
• 42% of consumers only open 10% of retailer emails they receive.
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