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Study: More companies warming up to biometrics for authentication

To arm themselves against increasing cyber-threats, more organizations are turning to biometrics technology.

That’s according to a new study from authentication solution provider Veridium, which found that among the surveyed companies, which included retailers, that experienced a data breach, 63% are implementing or planning to add biometric authentication to prevent another one. The study was conducted among 200 U.S. senior IT decision makers who work in various industries, including retail, manufacturing and finance, among others.

According to the data, 99% of IT decision makers reported that they are currently using passwords in their organizations. Yet, only 34% of respondents are very confident that passwords alone can protect data sufficiently.

Eighty one percent of IT decision makers think biometric authentication secures their company’s data better than passwords alone. Further, the majority of respondents (86%) agree that biometrics is the most secure authentication method for both organizations and consumers to use.

The main reasons influencing their usage of biometric authentication include overall better security (63%), increased workforce productivity (54%), and better accessibility (50%), the study revealed.
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