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Online fashion retailer makes shopping more personal

Specialty e-commerce retailer eShakti is letting customers switch styles with a click.

eShakti, a pure-play women’s fashion retailer offering custom sizes and styles, is increasing the personalization of its online customer experience with a new proprietary customization feature called eShakti FX. The feature enables customers to instantly alter neckline, sleeve and hem length, with the ability to see changes happen in real time. One hundred unique styles are possible from a single garment; consumers can look at each one individually and decide which is the most personally flattering.

eShakti offers the customer both standard U.S. sizes, as well as the option of custom sizes and styles. Due to differences in size, shape, height and style preferences, eShakti found that grouping customers by a traditional size chart left many of them dissatisfied post-purchase. eShakti delivers customized fashion items sizes XS – 6X within 13-17 days.

"When we first launched over 10 years ago, we knew that standard U.S. sizes and styles-as-shown were not meeting the needs of majority of customers," said B.G. Krishnan, founder & CEO of eShakti. "We were ahead of our time then, and continue to be now. With eShakti FX, we have taken the customer experience to a whole new level that most customers would never have dreamed of.”

Online apparel retailers are starting to realize a customized shopping experience can boost customer satisfaction and sales. Footwear giant Adidas is partnering with artificial intelligence (AI) platform provider Findmine to automatically generate complete recommended outfits when customers browse an individual product. Adidas determined that customer average order value (AOV) significantly increased when they were presented with a recommended outfit instead of an individual item.
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