The #1 factor influencing where consumers shop is …

Price is not the only factor that influences where consumers choose to shop.

Sixty-eight percent of customers said cost was the top factor that influences where they shop, according to data from Uberall, a location marketing solution provider. The runner up was proximity, which 55% of people chose as the reason for picking a store. Rounding out the top-five responses were product selection (53%), online customer reviews or ratings (36%) and brand loyalty (34%).

“Today’s shoppers value cost and convenience when deciding to shop in-store… brand loyalty has taken a backseat,” said Josha Benner, co-founder of Uberall, Inc. “When planning a shopping trip to physical stores, shoppers often want to know what location is closest to them for convenience, but they also want more information about what products or services each location has to offer and at what cost.”

When it comes to finding their closest store, 81% of customers are likely to use a store finder on a retailer’s website. When asked how likely the respondents were to use a store finder on a retailer or brand’s website, 42% said they were “very likely,” while 39% are “somewhat likely” to use the tool.

More than 80% of people conduct “near me” mobile searches, according to the study.

“One of the easiest ways to figure that out is by visiting a store’s website,” Benner explained.

“Store locator pages answer a lot more questions than just a listing,” he added. “Too many retailers are assuming search engines will do this work for them. But that’s not enough. Many consumers are still going to brand websites for local store and shopping information.”
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