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Look who is scrubbing the floors at Walmart

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Walmart is using technology to free up its store associates from a time-consuming maintenance task.

The discount giant will roll out an automated floor cleaner (dubbed Auto-C) that works similar to a self-driving car. The machine, which resembles a mini-robot, uses assisted autonomy technology to clean and polish floors.

To date, Walmart has deployed the technology in 78 stores, and will be rolling it out to some 360 additional locations soon. The retailer noted that the technology will give Walmart associates more time to serve customers. Under the current system, a Walmart associate in each of its U.S. stores drives a floor scrubber for two hours daily.

“The Auto-C is still pretty young and needs adult supervision (an associate has to prep the area and map the machine’s route), but we’re excited about the role it will play … in Walmart’s technology ecosystem,” the company stated in a blog post.
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