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Discounter streamlines facilities management 


99 Cents Only Stores has put a new spin on its store maintenance.

Vixxo has entered into a partnership with the extreme value retailer whereby it will be responsible for managing more than 30 trades including HVAC, lighting and electrical,  as part of a comprehensive facilities management solution at each of 99 Cents’ stores. While delivering preventive maintenance and repair services, Vixxo's industry expertise and rich data analytics will also help guide strategic decisions on store assets and support 99 Cents’ key business objectives.  The chain operates nearly 400 locations in California, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.

"We offer our customers savings, excitement and variety on every aisle," said Cory David, senior director, store operations, 99 Cents Only Stores. "Vixxo's facilities expertise will help us focus on our customers and continue to deliver a consistent and enjoyable shopping experience."

With specialized expertise in the convenience, grocery, restaurant and retail industries, Vixxo successfully manages more than 2.2 million pieces of equipment

"Our strategic partnership will streamline 99's facilities management, make it easier for them to grow and allow them to focus even more on delighting every shopper,” said Jim Reavey, Vixxo president and CEO, Vixxo. “We look forward to supporting their unique customer experience."

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Vixxo maintains a national network of 150,000 service provider technicians and services over 80,000 client locations in the restaurant, retail, convenience, and supermarket industries.

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