Costco, Amazon and Apple take top spots in retail customer satisfaction study

Marianne Wilson

The customer experience is crucial to generating sales — online and in-store.

That’s according to The Verint Experience Index, from customer engagement company Verint, which is based on a benchmark survey of consumer satisfaction with leading retailers. Costco, Amazon and Apple ranked highest in customer satisfaction (CSAT) and have high Net Promoter Scores (NPS) out of the top 25 retailers.

Costco received the highest score related to trust (86.5) and company recommendations (87.4). Amazon received the highest satisfaction score for online purchases (87.7) and returns online (87.7), while Apple came in third for satisfaction (85.1). Costco also received the highest NPS ranking and scored well in multiple satisfaction drivers, including service, price and merchandise.

Customer experience is key to generating sales and recommendations, according to the report. Compared to customers with a poor experience, customers who reported having a great experience have a 90% higher intent to purchase online, a 71% higher intent to purchase in-store, and an 88% higher recommendation intent.

Other findings from the survey are below:
• While cost is the top factor in purchase intent, mask policies and in-store shopping factored third and fourth in considerations, underscoring customers’ desire for safe in-store shopping options.

• Forty-four percent of customers who made a return in the last 30 days said returns were easier than last year – an important finding given that easy and free returns rank high among factors impacting future shopping decisions.

• Over three-quarters (76%) of customers who called a retail contact center tried first and failed to complete their task digitally. By converting just one-quarter of those to digital self-service, retailers could save up to $1.7 million per one million calls.

“Retailers that scored high in our study focused on digital transformation and e-commerce, helping them respond to rapidly-changing consumer behaviors,” says Verint’s Kevin Daly, global VP and general manager, experience management. “Stand-out retailers were those that were able to implement successful fulfillment options such as curbside pick-up or Buy Online Pick Up In-Store.”

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