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Tenants: How you can tour 10 centers (or more) in one day

Al Urbanski
Virtual center tours give prospective tenants inside views of all open spaces.

Well-capitalized brands are expanding as the pandemic winds down, among them DTC retailers and restaurant chains seeking specially located and designed spaces. Now an Atlanta-based company has introduced a service that can let them inspect hundreds of spaces in a day.

Barnes Creative Studios’ self-serve Virtual Tour system is a comprehensive digital program that developers themselves create with a camera and program for only $499 per center. In the Virtual Tour, prospective tenants can view overhead shots of the centers and site maps that indicate available spaces. A click on an open space takes you right inside of it with a 360-degree view that the tenant can use to inspect every corner of the space.

Leasing or marketing people from the developer with no film or video experience can capture the space without a problem. We created a system anyone can use,” said Steve Barnes, president of Barnes Creative Studios. The really great thing about it versus a static leasing brochure is that—if you lease a space or a tenant leaves—we can update the Virtual Tour immediately.”

Center owners can add videos, drone shots, and live Google Maps to their tours at no extra cost.

All they invest in is the camera and a tripod. We set all the settings,” Barnes said. One developer tried it out and bought 15 cameras to be used across his store portfolio. They executed it flawlessly”

Icons on the left of the viewings screen include an image gallery to get to different areas of a space swiftly or access a video, drone view, floor plan, or Google Map. This video maps it all out:


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