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Study: Canadian retailers lag in a key area of omnichannel retail

Canadian retailers have some catching up to do with their omnichannel capabilities.

According to “Omni-2000 Research: Canada,” a new study from order management software provider OrderDynamics, 31% of Canadian retailers offer buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) services to their customers. This lags behind 37.6% of global retailers who allow in-store pickup of online orders.

Despite falling behind other countries analyzed in the global study, which include the U.K., Australia, France, Germany and Austria, the study finds Canada has made progress in developing omnichannel retail capabilities and ranks it as a country in the “omnichannel development” phase.

Compared to the last time OrderDynamics analyzed the Canadian retail industry’s omnichannel capabilities in 2017, Canada has 70% more retailers offering e-commerce and over 50% more retailers offering free shipping. The average minimum basket value for free shipping has also decreased, moving from $60.87 to $48.89, making this option more accessible to consumers.

Other key findings regarding Canadian retailers include:
• 82.9% of all retailers offer some form of free shipping.
• 34.5% of all retailers offer basic, active inventory visibility.
• 13.9% of all retailers provide free return deliveries.
• 74.7% of omnichannel retailers offer Buy Online Return In-Store (BORIS).
• 71.2% of all retailers have a mobile-responsive site.
• 19.5% of omnichannel retailers have an active shop on Instagram.

The study is based on data collected from 281 retail chains in Canada with a minimum of 10 store locations.
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