Report: Brick-and-mortar store traffic up 14% this holiday season

Retailers in malls, shopping centers, and streets will see a 49% lift in foot traffic on Dec. 15, contributing to a 14% year-over-year increase in Christmas traffic, according to a report from Foursquare.

The study, which was sponsored by the British online marketplace, found consumers most willing to drive long distances to sporting goods stores, an average of 11 miles.

Next came shopping centers at around 10 miles, clothing stores and boutiques (9.6), and department stores (9).

Consumers like to keep their holiday supermarket visits local. They’ll travel an average of only 7.3 miles for grocery runs versus 10.7 miles the rest of the year.

Shopping journeys across all categories are shorter in December than they are for the rest of the year.

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