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Dyson to set up shop in the U.S.


The British brand best known for its bagless vacuum cleaners, bladeless fans and, most recently, high-tech hair-dryers is expanding its fledgling retail portfolio.

Dyson Ltd. will open a "Dyson Demo" store this fall at Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto. Also in the works: a store at 640 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, and one in San Francisco's Union Square.

Dyson has been exploring different ways to allow consumers to see, and interact with, its growing line-up of products. In August, it launched a partnership with Best Buy, opening in-store shops in some 90 Best Buy stores.

In July 2016, Dyson debuted its Dyson Demo freestanding store concept in London. The sleek, futuristic-looking space, on Oxford Street, is designed to allow shoppers to see and test Dyson’s complete line of products. It also has 64 different dust/dirt samples and four floor surfaces available on which customers can to test vacuum cleaners. The store features a salon-like area where shoppers can have their hair dried and styled with the company’s latest invention: the “Supersonic” hairdryer.

“We think it’s important that people can experience our technology, can see and understand the inside of our technology,” Dyson CEO Max Conze told The Telegraph. “Our products have to be so good that if you try it you intuitively understand it.”

Click here to see photos of the London store.

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