Cannabis brand to open 50 stores in 11 states

One of America’s leading cannabis operators has decided it’s high time for a new name and aggressive expansion.

Cresco Labs will open its first Sunnyside dispensary this November in Philadelphia, to be followed by locations in Florida, Illinois, Arizona, Massachusetts, and Michigan. The first wave of openings will encompass 50 stores across 11 states, according to a company spokesperson.

Bright and open store layouts, plus a marketing emphasis on wellness, is behind Cresco’s plan to move the cannabis shopper’s attitude from one of “intimidation and doubt to curiosity and acceptance.”

“Many of today’s dispensaries service the needs of traditional cannabis consumers,” said Cresco CEO Charlie Bachtell. “As the cultural landscape progresses, we’re building a modern, yet familiar store environment built on wellness, education and customer service to rapidly bring in new users.”

Associates will be trained to advise shoppers how to use Sunnyside products to aid vision, reduce pain, and improve balance. Stores will feature express and pre-order lanes for order pickup and medical patients. The brand will sponsor a nationwide loyalty program and will invest in the collection of customer data.

“Customer performance data is hard to come by within the cannabis industry,” said Cresco’s VP of consumer experience Cris Rivera. “Not only will we have one of the most robust customer journey data-inputs in cannabis, but we will also collect insight on customer preference trends.”

Sunnyside will operate an online ordering service and home delivery of cannabis in states where it is legal.
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