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Sportswear retailer streamlines trade operations in China


Adidas Group wants to kick off its expansion in China on the right foot.

The sportswear brand plans to bolster its retail sales network to 12,000 outlets in China by 2020, with much of the growth slated for smaller cities. However, the company also knows that conducting international trade within China can be difficult and complex due to challenges presented by huge import and export volume, and minimal advance notice of regulatory changes.

As a result, Adidas began searching for an automated solution to help reduce manual-based operations, minimize clearance delays and compliance risks, and respond to regulatory changes quickly. The company found its solution through the CTM platform from Amber Road.

Specifically, Amber Road’s CTM InSight function will equip the Adidas China team with self-compliance capabilities, which will help them conduct comprehensive and regular internal audits to proactively identify and resolve non-compliance issues with agencies in a timely fashion. Meanwhile, the CTM Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard will supply information to centralize management, improve clearance process visibility, and enhance internal controls.

By implementing Amber Road’s CTM solution, Adidas Group will be well prepared to apply for China Customs Advanced Certified Enterprise (AEO) status, which will enable the company to enjoy international trade facilitation measures, according to Kae-Por Chang, managing director, Amber Road China.
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