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Specialty golf retailer fulfills customer expectations


Golf is a sport that rewards precision, and that extends to meeting customer demand across multiple channels.

That is why Atlanta-based, 25-store PGA Tour Superstore is leveraging the SPS Commerce Fulfillment platform to obtain actionable insights into back-end data that is crucial to support a seamless customer experience. This includes inventory levels, order status, shipment details, and payment and returns.

As a result, the retailer can optimize order orchestration and get products to customers quicker. SPS Fulfillment achieves this by optimizing order orchestration to streamline product delivery, the top priority of today’s retailers and suppliers. All information on any aspect of an order is accessible on any device by staff located in the warehouse, store or other part of the enterprise.

“Everything starts with the customer at PGA Tour Superstores and delighting the consumer is paramount to our success,” said Randy Peitsch, senior VP of operations at PGA Tour Superstores. “Agile fulfillment is key to this success and we are teaming with our suppliers and using solutions like SPS Commerce Fulfillment to garner the intelligence needed to anticipate consumer demand. We are going beyond the convergence of e-commerce and stores, understanding it is about offering consumers an experience wherever they shop and being ready for their future demands.”

Like sinking a golf ball into a hole, providing customers an effective omnichannel shopping experience looks easy but is in fact hard. In both cases, the real difficulty lies in the underlying mechanics that may not be obvious to the casual observer. PGA Tour Superstore has found its version of a swing guru in its new fulfillment platform, which will provide the data necessary to keep its seamless game up to par.

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