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Nordstrom moves point-of-sale to the cloud


As the retail experience becomes increasingly digitally-influenced, retailers need a flexible point-of-sale (POS) system that can deliver a consistent brand experience at store level.

Nordstrom is taking steps to make this happen through a partnership with Infor to run POS in the cloud. Having a POS system in the cloud will give Nordstrom the tools to be more accurate and consistent across multiple locations, attend to customers more quickly, and better manage and track information, according to Infor.

Within the Infor CloudSuite Retail solution, Nordstrom is using the Rhythm for Commerce engagement solution that helps store associates access rich product and inventory information. This allows users to locate and order the right products across the supply network quickly and easily, and on any device. The solution also connects commerce platforms with back office systems, and analyzes data.

Overall, these processes create a unified experience — one that can differentiate the brand and ultimately drive customer loyalty needed to strengthen customer relationships, Infor reported.

The solution is also scalable and flexible enough to grow and modernize with the company as needs evolve in the future.

“It’s crucial that we have the right technology in place today and in the future to improve our customer experience,” said Dan Little, CIO at Nordstrom. “We’re excited to move forward with Infor’s cloud-based platform as it aligns well with our current needs and is an adaptable platform that can continue to evolve to better serve customers.”

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