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Crate and Barrel puts mobile BI in associates’ hands


The best way to drive a top-notch in-store experience is to give associates insight into as many real-time data sources as possible.

Crate and Barrel is improving its shopping experience with a mobile business intelligence (BI) solution that gives store-level associates immediate access to consumer trends, supply-and-demand, inventory and sales, among other metrics. The chain switched to the MicroStrategy 10 platform so business users can gain real-time access to BI tools, even while they speak with customers in stores.

The chain is currently adding the solution to power its analytics and mobility applications, beginning with its store operations, finance, and planning and allocation departments. Overall, the chain is putting the mobile analytics tools in the hands of executives, merchants, analysts and store managers in 170 Crate and Barrel stores throughout the United States.

“Because MicroStrategy 10 gives us mobile functionality, real-time data access, and self-service features at enterprise scale, we can fundamentally change business reporting and the customer shopping experience for the better,” said Mike Relich, COO, Crate and Barrel.

Store and field managers will access the BI tool via tablet apps, “giving store associates inventory and sales data precisely when customers need it,” he added. “At an enterprise level, MicroStrategy 10 also moves our organization away from static reporting, with real-time, self-service tools to unlock strategic insights.”

Crate and Barrel’s business users can also create reports on demand. For example, they can quickly access intuitive and timely reports, and mine data for insights. Additionally, store and field managers can have more impactful conversations with employees by accessing real-time data on their mobile devices.

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