Uniqlo rewards select purchases with donation

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Uniqlo’s “Buy with Purpose” feature rewards customers' purchases of certain items with a donation to a non-profit.

Uniqlo has added a new feature that encourages customers to “shop thoughtfully.”

The global fast-fashion giant has launched "Buy with Purpose," a new feature on its app and website that rewards customers' purchases of certain items with a donation. The donation is made from Uniqlo on the customer's behalf to one of the retailer’s three non-profit partner organizations.

The styles in the "Buy with Purpose" program are sustainably made, including BlueCycle Jeans – which use a process that reduces the amount of water in the jeans finishing process by up to 99% — and Dry-EX and UV protection products that are made with recycled polyester. Uniqlo said the new program extends its “LifeWear” philosophy of making good clothing that is made for all to also making a better planet and society for all.

Upon checking out any item that has a "Buy with Purpose" stamp, either in-store by scanning the app, or online, customers will receive a notification that their purchase has earned a $2 donation credit. They are then asked to choose to which of Uniqlo’s non-profit partner organizations they want the donation to go to: USA for UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency), charity: water, or Street Soccer USA.

"Uniqlo has always strived for continuous improvement, in our apparel, our services, and our contributions to society," said Daisuke Tsukagoshi, CEO, Uniqlo USA. “This program allows us to engage with them in a shared effort to support organizations that are improving people's lives throughout the world, in linking sustainably-conscious product choices to a greater purpose."

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For USA for UNCHR, $100 can provide psychosocial support to a child in Ukraine (including access to outreach activities, daycare centers, and child-friendly spaces). For charity: water, $40 can provide lifetime access to clean drinking water for one person. And for Street Soccer USA, $100 can provide a year of coaching, competitions, homework help, and mentorship for one child.