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First Look: Sneaker powerhouse powers up its retail experience with technology

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Puma is offering shoppers a digital in-store experience centered around the entire purchasing process — from picking up the product to interacting with it.

The experience, designed and executed by Green Room, Birmingham, was unveiled at Ultra Football, a retail destination in Sydney, Australia, for all things related to football (called soccer in the U.S.). Puma plans to roll the installation out, along with other digital experiences in various sports categories, globally in its own flagship stores and in those operated by select trade partners.

The experience combines RFID and recognition technology, projection and gaming to provide an immersive experience aimed at increasing in-store trial, brand recall and product selection, targeting football-obsessed teens. It is broken down into three segments or “moments,” starting with the selection process. As soon as a customer takes down a sneaker from the display, information about the specific product is displayed on a screen above the wall.

In the next segment, a customer tries on the shoe and places their feet on designated footprints on the floor, which brings up further information about the product and the Puma brand ambassador associated with it, with the information projected on the floor.

In the final segment, customers test the sneakers in-store via a test with targets displayed on the floor that the customer must reach within five seconds. The longer the customer stays in the game, the faster he/she needs to react and the more points are rung up. Customers can compete against each other. Before starting the game, a customer must register on an in-store Ipad that will save their score. A live leader board, recording trial data displays locally ranked scores, encourages competition.

“We wanted to bring a deeper engagement with our football products, showcasing their unique benefits,” said Jason Isenberg, Puma’s head of commercial marketing. “Employing a range of digital experience moments in store, going beyond the usual screens displaying information, to create something different and immersive.”
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