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How to Overcome Supply Chain Disruption with Next-Gen Sourcing


Retailers can meet the challenges of fluctuating consumer demand, supply chain disruption and environmental, social and governance (ESG) pressure from consumers, investors, and regulators by adopting a next-gen sourcing strategy. In this white paper, you’ll learn how a next-gen sourcing strategy — powered by the control tower capabilities of a multi-enterprise platform (MEP) — provides the agility and insight needed to effectively manage supply chains in an era of unpredictability.

The white paper will explain the six key benefits that a modern approach to next-gen sourcing can deliver, including:

- Holistic costing strategies

“Digital twins”  

- Control towers                                                                                       

- ESG and data transparency                                                                                            

- Agile purchasing via early insights                                                                                                       

- Supplier diversification and flexibility      

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